The Apache Corporation is very interested in talking to GLE students about opportunities for employment next summer. Applicants will need to be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Geologic Engineering and have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. From Apache’s summary: “A successful candidate will gain experience and exposure throughout the summer intern assignment that can lead into an opportunity for a full-time professional operational role. In this professional role the candidate will learn and apply his/her technical skills and knowledge of the oil and gas industry to assist the geoscience staff in executing the region’s drilling program; will gain a working knowledge of oil and gas drilling operations, openhole logging technology, mudlogging operations, and geoscience mapping software; will coordinate with drilling superintendents and consultants, engineers, and geoscientists to plan, coordinate, and implement the geologic data collection and analysis of drilling wells; will be an integral member of the focus area teams and will geosteer horizontal wells through the use of navigation and geologic data.” If you are interested, come to the Engineering Career Fair on 9/25. There will be second day interviews will be on 9/26.