Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Anderson, Mary P. Professor Emerita, NAE 419 Weeks Hall 608/262-2396 andy@geology.wisc.edu
Bahr, Jean M. Professor 411 Weeks Hall 608/262-5513 jmbahr@geology.wisc.edu
Cardiff, Michael Assistant Professor 412 Weeks Hall 608/262-8960 cardiff@wisc.edu
Edil, Tuncer B. Professor Emeritus 2212 Engineering Hall 608/262-3225 edil@engr.wisc.edu
Feigl, Kurt L. Professor A248 Weeks Hall 608/262-0176 feigl@wisc.edu
Fratta, Dante Associate Professor 2218 Engineering Hall 608/265-5644 fratta@wisc.edu
Goodwin, Laurel B. Professor 175 Weeks Hall 608/265-4234 laurel@geology.wisc.edu
Haimson, Bezalel C. Professor Emeritus 225 Material Science and Engineering 608/262-2563 bhaimson@wisc.edu
Hicks, Andrea  Assistant Professor 2208 Engineering Hall N/A hicks5@wisc.edu
Holloway, Tracey Professor  201A Enzyme Institute 608-262-5356 taholloway@wisc.edu
Kiefer, Ralph W. Professor Emeritus 1210 Engineering Hall 608/262-1604 rkiefer@macc.wisc.edu
Kung, King-Jau Samuel Professor 74 Soil Science 608/265-2595 kskung@wisc.edu
Likos, William Professor, Director  2226 Engineering Hall 608/890-2662 likos@wisc.edu
Loheide II, Steven P. Assistant Professor 1269C Engineering Hall 608/262-5199 loheide@wisc.edu
Mickelson, David M. Professor Emeritus 5256B Weeks Hall 608/262-7863 mickelson@geology.wisc.edu
Pakes Ahlman, Angela Professor of Practice 2204 Engineering Hall 608/890-4966 pakesahlman@wisc.edu
Sone, Hiroki Assistant Professor 2212 Engineering Hall 608/890-0531 hsone@wisc.edu
Thurber, Clifford Professor 104A Weeks Hall 608/262-6027 thurber@geology.wisc.edu
Tikoff, Basil Professor 179 Weeks Hall 608/262-4678 basil@geology.wisc.edu
Tinjum, James M. Associate Professor 2214 Engineering Hall
608/262-0785 tinjum@epd.engr.wisc.edu
Tobin, Harold J. Professor 121 Weeks Hall 608/265-5796 htobin@geology.wisc.edu
Wang, Herb F. Professor  A254 Weeks Hall 608/262-5932 wang@geology.wisc.edu
Wu, Chin H. Professor 1269D Engineering Hall 608/263-3078 chinwu@engr.wisc.edu
Zoet, Lucas   Assistant Professor   Weeks Hall 256 608-262-1921  lzoet@wisc.edu


Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Bastyr Cooper, Jacqueline Senior Instrumentation Technician 3206 Engineering Hall 608/262-3149 bastyr@cae.wisc.edu
Frisch, Jennifer Payroll Coordinator 2205 Engineering Hall jfrisch2@wisc.edu
Possin, Mary Student Services Coordinator 2304 Engineering Hall 608/890-0864 mcpossin@wisc.edu
Funk Smith, Liz Department Administrator 2210 Engineering Hall 608/262-7812 efunk@wisc.edu
Johnson, Beth Communications Specialist 2205 Engineering Hall 608/262-3542 ekjohnson4@wisc.edu
Olson, Mandi Accountant 2205 Engineering Hall 608/262-5198 olson25@wisc.edu
Loschko, Cheryl Student Services Coordinator and Graduate Admissions 1150 Engineering Hall 608/890-2420 loschko@wisc.edu
Wang, Xiaodong Instrument Technologist 2241 Engineering Hall 608/265-8507