Graduate Study in Geological Engineering

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies in Geological Engineering. The Geological Engineering graduate program is an interdisciplinary program between engineering and geology. Graduate students pursuing a geotechnical engineering degree within Civil & Environmental Engineering are also part of the Geological Engineering graduate program. Students in the Geological Engineering graduate program include a broad range of engineers and geoscientists pursuing all facets of geological engineering. We have a dynamic graduate research program with engineering and geoscience professors, visiting professors, academic staff members, and a cadre of graduate students. Our research topics cover a broad range of topics including geoenvironmental engineering, water resources, hydrogeology, hydroecology, rock mechanics, structural geology, geosynthetic engineering, and sensor technology, to foundation engineering, site characterization, slope stability, soil dynamics, non-destructive evaluation, engineering geophysics, sustainability, and alternative energy systems. The graduate program accepts students throughout the year and offers research and teaching assistantships on a competitive basis. Students wishing to be admitted to the Graduate Program in Geological Engineering must satisfy the admission requirements of the UW-Madison Graduate School and the College of Engineering. Information on the requirements for the graduate program is provided in the GLE Graduate Student Handbook. Graduate study in Geological Engineering is more than classes and research. Madison is a wonderful place to live with a variety of opportunities for recreation, entertainment, and socializing. The graduate student community has a strong social program with many group activities. Learn more about opportunites for activities at Student Life.

Graduate Student and Research Assistant Directory

Name Title Office E-mail
Idil Akin Akin, Idil Denise MS Student  2243 Engineering Hall
 Image Coming Soon  Alsbahan, Abdullah 2243 Engineering Hall
Merve Gizem Bozkurt Bozkurt, Merve Gizem PhD Student  2243 Engineering Hall
Brown Brown, Brigitte
Jiannan Chen Chen, Jiannan PhD Student 1217 Engineering Hall
 Image Coming Soon Dolcek, Tolga 2243 Engineering Hall
Jongwon Eun Eun, Jongwon PhD Student 2243 Engineering Hall
Paulo Florio ..fw Florio, Paulo MS Student 2243 Engineering Hall
Max Garnier-Villareal Garnier-Villareal, Max PhD Student 2243 Engineering Hall
weijuang  Geng, Weijuan 1217 Engineering Hall
Erica Hagen Hagen, Erica PhD Student 2243 Engineering Hall
   Lee, Jeongki PhD Student 1217 Engineering Hall
Kongrat Nokkaew Nokkaew, Kongrat PhD Student 2243 Engineering Hall
Hyunjun Oh Oh, Hyunjun MS Student 2243 Engineering Hall
Ayse Ozdogan Ozdogan, Ayse  PhD Student  2243 Engineering Hall
huyla  Salihogli, Hulya 2243 Engineering Hall
stefani Stefani, Nicholas MS Student 2217 Engineering Hall
Kuo Tian Tian, Kuo PhD Student  2243 Engineering Hall
Matthew Walker Walker, Matthew MS Student  2243 Engineering Hall
 Image Coming Soon  Warren, Ben 2243 Engineering Hall
 Image Coming Soon Wu, Zhenzhong 1217 Engineering Hall
Yi Lang Yang, Li MS Student 1217 Engineering Hall
Jun Yao Yao, Jun MS Student  1217 Engineering Hall
Yilmaz Mehmet Yilmaz, Mehmet MS Student  1217 Engineering Hall
Hua Yu Yu, Hua MS Student 2243 Engineering Hall
Image Coming Soon Zhang, Yibo 2243 Engineering Hall
Wei-Hao Zen, Wei-Hao 1217 Engineering Hall