Hiroki Sone, Ph.D.


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Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2212 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1691

Tel: 608/890-0531

Program Affiliations

– Geological Engineering
– Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Education and Certification

– 2004 BS Kyoto University (Geology and Mineralogy)
– 2006 MS Kyoto University (Geology and Mineralogy)
– 2012 PhD Stanford University (Geophysics)

Fields of Interest

– experimental rock mechanics
– geomechanics of petroleum and geothermal reservoirs
– fault and earthquake mechanics
– long-term deformation of shales and fault rocks
– in-situ stress and heterogenity
– rock physics

Selected Awards and Honors

– Most Cited Article Award, TAO Journal, 2007-2011
– Centennial Teaching Assistant Award, Stanford University, 2009

Professional Affiliations and Service

American Geophysical Union
European Geophysical Union
American Rock Mechanics Association
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
– Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology
– Convener/Programme Committee: EGU
– Convener: GeoMod, ARMA

Expertise Summary

My area of expertise is rock mechanics and geomechanics, which aims to understand the mechanical deformation of rocks and subsurface structures (e.g. reservoirs, faults, mines) and the forces that causes these deformations. Most of my research involves experimental studies of rock/sediment properties using high-pressure deformation apparatuses, but I also frequently look at field data (borehole and seismic data) to analyze in-situ stress states and deformation. Insights gained from the lab are applied to numerical/theoretical models to solve larger-scale geomechanical problems in order to optimize recovery of energy resources, minimize hazards during resource production, and address problems in tectonophysics. Recently, I have put some emphasis on studying the long-term ductile properties of clay-rich rocks which has implications for how stress accumulate/relax in the lithosphere over time, the long-term productivity of unconventional gas reservoirs, and the integrity of waste disposal sites.


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