Industrial Leadership Council

Geological Engineering’s Industrial Leadership Council (ILC) is an industry group that is providing leadership in enhancing educational opportunities for Geological Engineering students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). With the ILC’s support, we are reaching out to high school, first-year college students, and students transferring to UW to make them aware of the satisfaction and benefits of a career in geological engineering. We are also reaching out to under-represented groups to enhance the diversity of our student body, and ultimately the profession.

ILC members provide financial support that is used to recruit the best and brightest students. Recruiting activities include development of outreach materials for high schools and 2-yr colleges, development of geological engineering modules for science teachers in high school and 2-yr colleges, school visits and presentations, and upgrades to our website focused on new undergraduate students.

Why support Geological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison?

– UW Geological Engineering has been a reliable source of top-flight graduates in applied and engineering geology, geological engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, and hydrogeology for more than 20 years. The UW’s Geological Engineering is ABET accredited and ranked 2nd in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Scholarly Productivity Index. UW Geological Engineering’s faculty has thirteen professors with a diverse range of skills and depth of expertise in engineering and geoscience.

– UW Geological Engineering produces graduates who are trained in geotechnics, rock engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, hydrogeology, geophysics and geology. The rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum provides graduates with the technical, interpersonal and professional skills to make a difference wherever they go. The faculty in Geological Engineering are committed to engaging students in activities that emphasize professional practice.

– UW Geological Engineering is a rare example of a close cooperative relationship between a College of Engineering and a College of Letters and Sciences. Students graduate with a BS in Geological Engineering and a BS in Geology. No other engineering discipline offers this unique degree opportunity. Graduates are able to fill multiple roles in practice, including professional engineering and professional geology. They are more comprehensively trained in geoscience/engineering than students with a BS in civil engineering and a MS in geotechnical engineering.

– UW Geological Engineering is a close-knit interdisciplinary degree program where undergraduate students interact directly with faculty from several departments. This atmosphere provides GLE students with a diverse interdisciplinary team-building perspective.

– UW Geological Engineering trains the complete engineering professional by emphasizing leadership, independent and critical thinking, communication and social commitment in addition to strong technical skills. Our program receives consistent feedback from employers that our students have well-developed communication skills and leadership qualities.

– UW Geological Engineering students participate extensively in service programs such as Engineers Without Borders. These opportunities provide students with hands-on experience in designing and implementing environmentally and economically sustainable projects around the world.

– UW Geological Engineering has a history of attracting women and students of diversity. For example, women currently comprise 38% of the undergraduate student body. Ensuring diversity is a key objective of our program.

In the near future, ILC members will be offered a webpage in the ILC section of our new website, have their logo on the home page of our website, and will be provided the opportunity to host a private interview day annually with our students. ILC members will also be acknowledged in our communications to prospective students.
If your company is interested in becoming a member of the Industrial Leadership Council, please contact:

William (Bill) J. Likos, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Geological Engineering
2226 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1691
Tel: 608/890-2662