Tuncer B. Edil, Ph.D., P.E.

Tuncer Edil

Professor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2226 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1691

Tel: 608/262-3225

Program Affiliations

– Civil and Environmental Engineering
– Geological Engineering
– Engineering Mechanics
– Recycled Materials Resource Center
– Consortium for Fly Ash Use in Geotechnical Applications


– BS, Robert College
– MS, Robert College
– PhD, Northwestern University

Fields of Interest

– geotechnics of sustainable construction through expanded use of recycled materials and industrial byproducts
– geotechnics of peats & organic soils and soft ground engineering
– diffusive transport of volatile organic compounds through landfill liners
– erosion and landslide processes and prevention of coastal and riverine bluff instability
– behavior of geomaterials (soils, peats, wastes, and recycled materials/industrial by-products)
– pavement and railroad geotechnics
– filtration and interface friction of geosynthetics
– soil-structure interface friction

Selected Awards and Honors

Professor Edil has received 17 personal awards and honors, and 8 paper awards, and 6 team/project awards from ASCE, ASTM, IFAI, USUCGER, NAGC, University of Wisconsin, and other organizations. Recent awards:
– Great Lakes Annual Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Conference Steering Committee, The Award of Excellence as the Outstanding Geotechnical Engineering Educator in the Region, 2010
– U.S. Universities Council on Geotechnical Education & Research, Distinguished Researcher Award, 2008
– Republic of Turkey, Scientific and Technological Research Council, Special Science Award, 2007
– U.S. Universities Council on Geotechnical Education & Research, Distinguished Service Award, 2007
– Industrial Fabrics Association International, International Achievement Award, Geosynthetics Projects, 2003


One of my current research focuses is sustainable construction of highways using industrial by-products and geosynthetics and developing a green highway rating system. I have been conducting research on industrial by-products such as shredded automobile tires, foundry by-products, coal combustion fly ash and recycled asphalt and concrete aggregates. My earlier interest on the behavior of peats and organic soils has evolved in recent years to construction over organic soft ground and high water content wastes. This interest naturally involves me in research on filtration and interface friction behavior of geosynthetics in contact with natural soils but also with industrial by-products and high water content wastes. My environmental geotechnics research included transport and attenuation of organic chemicals in earthen liners and geotechnics of solid waste. I have ongoing interests in coastal erosion/landslides primarily involving the Great Lakes shoreline and river banks.