Undergraduate Degree in Geological Engineering

Thank you for your interest in an undergraduate degree in Geological Engineering (GLE). Our degree program provides students with a broad set of opportunities in both earth science and engineering. Our new curriculum includes dual degrees in geological engineering and geoscience with five technical tracks that provide in-depth technical expertise in (1) Energy, Minerals, and Mining, (2) Sustainability & Environment, (3) Geohazards, (4) Gound Water and Surface Water, and (5) Infrastructure.

We encourage you to consider the following attributes of Geological Engineering:

– Geological Engineering has a strong job market. The faculty in Geological Engineering at UW are well connected with industry and provide linkages to job opportunities for our students. A recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers revealed that two of the top three highest paying technical job categories are in the energy and mining fields, jobs that are filled with a BS in GLE.

– Geological Engineers work in the office and the field. GLEs spend part of their time working outdoors at project sites, such as solar energy plants in California, mining sites in the Rocky Mountains, or geothermal projects here in Madison. Splitting time between the office and field is a great perk of GLE.

– Geological Engineers have two majors: a BS in Geological Engineering and in Geoscience. That is, Geological Engineers have an engineering degree and a liberal arts major in a single 125-credit program that takes no longer to complete than any other engineering degree at UW.

– Geological Engineering’s interdisciplinary education develops interpersonal skills that allow GLE’s to lead diverse teams of professionals. Employers put high value on these skills.

– Geological Engineers get involved in projects at the nexus of industry/infrastructure and environment. GLEs are charged with integrating the needs of industry while also protecting the environment, and do so by practicing sustainable engineering. GLEs help promote the economic engine that provides quality of life while protecting our environment for future generations.

– Geological Engineering is ranked 2nd in the US by the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Scholarly Productivity Index.

– Geological Engineering at UW is a close-knit interdisciplinary degree program where students have ample opportunity to interact directly with faculty. GLE students enjoy our family atmosphere.

We are glad to meet with you to discuss our undergraduate program and careers in Geological Engineering. For more information, please contact:

Craig H. Benson, PhD, PE, DGE

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor and Chair

Geological Engineering

2218 Engineering Hall

1415 Engineering Drive

Madison, WI 53706-1691

Tel: (608) 262-7242

E-mail: chbenson@wisc.edu

Undergraduate Research Assistant Directory

As part of the Geological Engineering academic experience, the GLE program provides opportunities for undergrad students to participate in research activities. If interested, please contact any of the GLE faculty.



 Nick Anderson Anderson, Nick njanderson3@wisc.edu
 Kori Black Black, Kori klblack2@wisc.edu
 Eleanor Bloom Bloom, Eleanor efbloom@wisc.edu
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