UW-Madison Geo-Institute Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Chapter

About us

The UW-Madison Graduate Student Organization (UWGSO) will function
to enrich the educational and personal experiences of students interested in the
various facets of geotechnical engineering, including foundation design, retention
structures, ground improvement, geoenvironmental, geological, and geophysical
engineering. The organization will be committed to growing both the awareness
of geotechnical engineering as well as UW-Madison’s reputation as a leader in
geotechnical engineering education. The UWGSO will foster community among
UW-Madison’s geotechnical engineers past and present.

Major Objectives
• Support the Geo-Institute to grow student membership and participation
• Increase awareness among civil engineering, geological engineering, and
geology undergraduates of the geotechnical engineering field, through
geotechnical engineering graduate school and professional opportunities
• Foster interaction and collaboration among the UW-Madison geotechnical
engineering community
• Facilitate the planning of semesterly events within the department
• Serve as a representative for the geotechnical engineering students in
dialogue with the UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering and
Geological Engineering faculty

For more information, please find:
Geo-Institute (ASCE)
Students in G-I (ASCE)
Graduate Student Organizations (ASCE)
GSO Student Leadership Council (ASCE)


  Name Title E-mail  
kuotian                                                  Kuo Tian President ktian@wisc.edu
gizembozkurt Merve Gizem Bozkurt
Vice-President of Outreach

Student Leadership Committee Representative 


Joel Joel Bautista Vice-President of Events  bautista2@wisc.edu
bbrown Brigitte Brown Treasurer  blbrown@wisc.edu
jiannan Jiannan Chen Secretary jchen229@wisc.edu


Idil Akin, Ph.D. candidate

Jeongki Lee, Ph.D. candidate

Yang Li, M.S. candidate

HyunJun Oh, Ph.D. candidate

Linxue Ren, M.S. candidate

Hulya Salihoglu, M.S Candidate

Junwei Su, M.S. candidate

Matthew Walker, M.S. candidate

Zhenzhong Wu, M.S. candidate

Jun Yao, Ph.D. candidate

Mehmet Yilmaz, Ph.D. candidate

Hua Yu, M.S. candidate

Faith Zangl, M.S. candidate